10 innovative start-ups from the Metropolis Ruhr

Over five million people, 53 cities and an active start-up scene: the Metropolis Ruhr is becoming an innovation hotspot, particularly in the field of B2B applications. The conditions have never been better for new companies here. The fusion of industry, research and science ensures the perfect basis for a new start-up scene that emanates a unique innovative energy. This is increasing becoming part of the media coverage about the Metropolis Ruhr.

We will introduce ten start-ups whose B2B solutions are representative of the new innovative capacity in the region.

The start-up from Dortmund uses emotions for the real-time personalisation of websites. During the use of an online shop, for example, the tool identifies a user’s emotional state and presents content in accordance with this.

Ruhrbotics works on futuristic robot technologies and develops apps for (collaborative) industrial robots that increase productivity and efficiency using techniques such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

talpasolutions is an analytics SaaS provider that helps organisations to optimise performance, reduce machine downtime and increase security by making data understandable to them.

The entrepreneurs from Bochum ensure increased security in the Internet of Things. The start-up offers a market-ready solution against IT attacks, which involves encryption that cannot be read by potential attackers. The company was named ‘Digital start-up of the year’ in 2018 by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Motions Miners is a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML). The start-up uses mobile sensors and microtransmitters to analyse manual work processes for Industry 4.0. This enables areas of potential improvement in businesses to be identified. 

Masterplan.com prepares businesses for digitisation. The start-up offers training courses on subjects such as digital marketing and IT security on its portal. Shareholders invested a total of €6 million in the B2B project at the end of 2018. 

For surgeons, by surgeons – the Essen-based medical technology start-up has developed an innovative therapy for patients with an open abdomen. The technology developed by the two surgeon-entrepreneurs makes it easier for the abdomen to be closed up after surgery. Strands on the equipment keep the skin in a state of tension, preventing it from retracting.

Poor soil in agriculture – this is the challenge taken up by the start-up Novihum from Dortmund. With their granulate material, which is based on lignite, the young entrepreneurs improve nutrient-poor soils. Roots develop faster and plants are much better supplied with nutrients.

Never forget another password: the start-up XignSys wants to abolish passwords and instead use the smartphone as a digital ID. Cryptographic keys and digital certificates are stored on the device, enabling the user to log on to the desired portals by means of a QR code.

innolectric combines the dynamism of a young company with the expertise of an experienced player in electric mobility. The start-up develops component solutions for the electrified powertrain and charging of electric vehicles as well as energy storage. The components can add to the drive of the future in electric cars and lorries as well as machinery.