The best addresses in the Metropolis Ruhr

A dynamic real estate market is attracting investors and companies

The complexity of the real estate industry is what appeals to Torsten Bölting: the combination of economic, ecological and social aspects creates an interesting dynamic that is tangible in the Metropolis Ruhr in particular, with its huge sites formerly occupied by the coal and steel industry. He has been CEO of the InWIS Institute at the EBZ (the European training centre for the housing and real estate industry) in Bochum since 2013. The institute works nationwide in the areas of urban and regional development, the real estate industry and housing policy. One focus area, for example, is the sustainable development of quality homes.

The PHOENIX See is a success story like no other. There are, however, other projects in this league in the Metropolis Ruhr.

Torsten Bölting, CEO of the InWIS Institute at the EBZ

The PHOENIX See is the perfect example of just such an innovative living space in the Metropolis Ruhr that combines living, work and leisure. In addition to modern homes, a number of new jobs in future industries have been created on the adjacent PHOENIX West technology and service park.

In addition, there are many other interesting projects – also for investors. From the commercial and industrial location known as ‘Mark 51°7’ in Bochum to Duisburg’s inland port and the ‘Essen 51’ showcase project, the Metropolis Ruhr is certainly dynamic. The latest real estate market report published by the business development agency metropoleruhr highlights this development.