Dual education – practically unbeatable

77,000 trainees in Metropolis Ruhr secure the demand for skilled workers in the job market

It is often innovative technologies that make small and medium-sized companies with their headquarters in Metropolis Ruhr global leaders. They include Seepex GmbH in Bottrop, the market leader in the area of conveyor technology with pumps and control systems. It was also its innovative power that convinced Philipp Niedenführ to begin training there, after his school leaving examination, to become a technical product designer in the field of mechanical engineering and plant engineering.

A win-win situation: Seepex qualifies highly specialised junior staff and thereby invests in the future of the company. In addition, the 21-year-old is learning his dream profession as one of around 77,000 trainees in total in Metropolis Ruhr. This is as part of the dual education system, alternating between practical training at a company and theory lessons at a school. In addition to work, however, Philipp still finds time for his hobby: the football club Schalke04.

For us in Germany and particularly in Metropolis Ruhr, the system of dual education is a matter of course, really – numerous companies here promote two-track education to meet the demand for skilled workers in a very conscious and targeted manner, and thereby contribute to low youth unemployment by European standards – a great example for other countries.