RuhrSummit: a major event for the start-up scene in the Metropolis Ruhr

Organiser and insider Oliver Weimann impressed by the dynamic community

The RuhrSummit is the largest start-up conference in the Metropolis Ruhr, with over 1,500 participants, more than 100 speakers, and 400 start-ups from over 35 countries. It connects local businesses with young, innovative start-ups through targeted matchmaking, and builds relationships between the local founders’ scene and representatives from national and international start-up hubs including Berlin, New York, Tel Aviv and Seoul.

The highlight of the conference in October 2017 was the RuhrPitch: regional and international start-ups presented their company to the audience and a very high-calibre jury, whose members included executives from the organisation Gründerfonds Ruhr. This year’s winner was Solar Sister. The company’s founders make it possible for women in rural Africa to improve the population’s access to electricity by combining economic opportunity for women and renewable energies.

Organiser Oliver Weimann from the 360 Online Performance Group was impressed by how dynamic the region’s start-up scene is. He said that thanks to events and initiatives – organised both by policymakers and by local companies and people from the start-up scene itself – a large start-up community had developed over the past three years. And he should know: as Managing Director of ruhr:HUB in Essen, the central point of contact for digital start-ups and a co-working space, Weimann is at the heart of active entrepreneurship in the Metropolis Ruhr, helping to shape it on a daily basis.

“For quite a while, there have been regular events alongside the RuhrSummit, such as the FuckUp Nights Ruhrgebiet or the Startup Nights for people who want to start their own business,” says Weimann. And the opportunities for the scene are growing. “The announcement about the founders’ coordinator for Initiativkreis Ruhr, the Start-up Bootcamp in Essen, the opening of the Euref Campus at the Zollverein complex and the planned Universal Home Accelerator in Dortmund make it abundantly clear that 2018 is set to be another exciting year.”