Forward-looking exchange

Top entrepreneurs from the start-up stronghold Tel Aviv visit Germany: Alon Shem-Tov, successful entrepreneur in the artificial intelligence sector, talks about the benefits of the Metropolis Ruhr.

Tel Aviv ranks alongside Silicon Valley as one of the world’s leading locations for digital start-ups, and now the City of Cities is also benefiting from this expertise. In June 2018, Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH took a delegation to Israel to discover the entrepreneurial spirit of Tel Aviv’s start-up scene, and in October one of Israel’s innovative high-tech companies was invited to visit the Metropolis Ruhr in turn. This ‘bridge of innovation’ with Israel is intended to strengthen business exchange and grant firms based here access to technology companies in ‘Silicon Wadi’. offers customers individual solutions with artificial intelligence

Alon Shem-Tov is Vice-President of International Sales at the start-up Ltd. While here, he visited leading companies in the region with a view to building relationships and exploring opportunities for cooperation. He also encountered major interest in his business model at the RuhrSummit, the region’s largest start-up conference. ‘I believe that collaboration between our two countries will be hugely beneficial,’ says the businessman, who considers the Metropolis Ruhr to offer an outstanding climate for entrepreneurs. ‘There is a good combination of universities and large industrial businesses here. These can offer young start-ups support as they make their first steps,’ says Shem-Tov. offers its customers all over the world data management, analysis and evaluation through artificial intelligence (AI), which fall under the umbrella term of ‘data science’. AI can work with almost any kind of data, while learning all the time and adapting to the place of operation. It facilitates data-based decision-making and increases success rates due to a reduction in human error. A new AI system is being developed, tailored to customers’ needs, for purposes such as calculating expected sales figures for a product. Solutions by are already being used in the healthcare and car safety systems industries.

The Metropolis Ruhr is forging a closer relationship with Israel

Exchange between the City of Cities and Tel Aviv is forward-looking and is set to continue into the long term. This collaboration will simplify access to Metropolis Ruhr markets for Israeli partners and investors. Business Metropole Ruhr has teamed up with AHK Israel in Tel Aviv to employ an innovation scout for companies in the Metropolis Ruhr. This scout looks out for interesting start-ups and technological solutions that could be of interest to the City of Cities.