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Diversity is the best thing that can happen to a city.

The City of Cities doesn’t just offer unique opportunities when it comes to studying and careers. With an incredible amount of green spaces, intelligent transport concepts and eco-friendly urban redevelopment, it is also committed to offering the best quality of life in a conurbation.

The city with 53 city centres has it all, from the historical old town with idyllic half-timbered buildings to the state-of-the-art shopping centre. The city centres can also be easily reached on foot, by bus and train or by bike – the soon-to-be 101-kilometre-long RS1 cycle highway links the cities in the Ruhr region with one another and represents a real alternative to the car.

Natives, new citizens and tourists from all over the world appreciate our touristic unique selling proposition: the impressive Landscape Park in the north of Duisburg on the site of former industrial wasteland, for example, attracts almost as many visitors as Cologne Cathedral. Another attraction is Europe’s largest inland port in Duisburg. There is culture in the Ruhr Metropolis on every corner; it is Europe’s densest cultural landscape, with a further 1,000 industrial monuments, 200 museums, 250 festivals, 120 theatres and three musical venues. As a festival of the arts, the Ruhrtriennale entices visitors from all over the state and beyond. In short, no other European metropolis is as diverse as the City of Cities.

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  • Blue Container: cultural exchange along the Silk Route

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