Metropolis Ruhr.City of Cities.

City of Cities: The Campaign of Metropolis Ruhr

Home to more than five million people, covering an area of 4,400 square kilometres and one of the largest metropolises in Europe – that is the ‘City of Cities’. Did you know that 155,000 companies generate an annual turnover of 338 billion euros here and the purchasing power per inhabitant is higher than that of Berlin? Did you also know that we have the world’s biggest inland port here? That our theatres are internationally celebrated? And that there are more universities here than in any other German city?

The Metropolis Ruhr is repositioning its location marketing with its ‘City of Cities’ campaign and self-confidently communicating the strength of its location-related factors. The trade, industry, service, education and science networks provide the ideal basis for this. More green spaces, intelligent transport concepts, eco-friendly urban redevelopment – we really do have it all, creating the best quality of life in a conurbation. The ‘City of Cities’ has a highly efficient infrastructure and an economic and cultural scene without equal. We like living, working and studying here.

The ‘City of Cities’ wants to attract new people from outside: investors, visitors, businesspeople, skilled workers and students. The campaign is also designed to appeal to those who already live here, giving them another reason to be proud of their Ruhr region.

The location marketing campaign of the Regional Association Ruhr (RVR) is a long-term strategy. It is intended to present the business location of the Ruhr Metropolis as a strong location for industry that offers an attractive environment in which to live and diverse opportunities for investors and skilled workers. A distinct corporate identity has been developed for the ‘City of Cities’ as part of the location marketing campaign. In addition, the campaign is clearly visible in print, film and online.


´City of Cities´ is an international location marketing campaign for Metropolis Ruhr on behalf of the Regional Association Ruhr (RVR).